When Mold Manufacturing Encounters Internet+

- Apr 25, 2018-

           In recent years, China's mold manufacturing has made great progress. Today, when mold manufacturing encounters "Internet +," what kind of romance will happen between the two? "Internet+Mould Manufacturing" is a springboard for its industrial transformation and upgrading, leveraging the full development of China's manufacturing industry.             Mold manufacturing is an important part of modern manufacturing technology, and it is also an important process equipment for industrial production and daily life products. The purpose of applying the mold is to ensure product quality, increase productivity, and reduce production costs. In China's mold manufacturing pattern, imported molds account for a large share.         According to relevant data, in recent years, China's annual imports of molds have accounted for about 20% of the total market, which has exceeded US$1 billion and has become the world’s largest importer of molds. Among them, plastics and rubber molds account for more than 50% of all imported molds, and stamping molds account for about 40% of all imported molds. Imports of medium and high-grade molds account for more than 40% of the total market.

              Under the tide of “Made in China”, innovation and development is the only way for mold manufacturing. Modern mold manufacturing technology is moving in the direction of accelerating information drive, improving manufacturing flexibility, agile manufacturing, and systematic integration. The specific performance in the mold of the CAD / CAM technology, laser rapid prototyping mold technology, precision mold molding technology, mold ultra-precision machining technology, and so on. Chen Xiaolan said that technological innovation is only part of the development of the mold manufacturing industry, and another important point is "Internet +." With the promotion of "Internet +", China's mold manufacturing industry has ushered in the rapid development of transformation and upgrading. As industry competition continues to intensify, M&A integration and capital operation among large-scale mold manufacturing companies are becoming increasingly frequent, and more and more mold companies feel the necessity of transformation and upgrading. In the past, mold sales relied mainly on offline models. Traditional marketing is affected by various factors such as geographical and price opacity. Its development speed is slow and it is difficult to become a climate. The introduction of marketing into the online market is an important step in the transformation and upgrading of the mold manufacturing industry. It can reduce the company's operating costs, increase the communication between the production companies and more consumers, and contribute to the industry's advancement to Industry 4.0. If it is separated from "Internet +," then it is empty talk to promote the transformation and upgrading of mold manufacturing.

             With the advent of the global economic era, China's mold manufacturing industry is unavoidably involved in the world economic system. The transformation and upgrade of the mold manufacturing industry is not only an inevitable trend of the industry development, but also a leading position in the global competition in the future. The main way.