What Is A High-speed Injection Molding Machine?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Ordinary injection molding machine is hydraulic injection molding machine, and hydraulic injection molding machine relatively slow.

High-speed injection molding machine is not an ordinary machine or servo machine.

Their difference is a speed difference, positioning accuracy high-speed injection molding machine to be more precise.

The role of injection system: injection system is one of the most important components of injection molding machine.

At present, the most widely used is the screw type.

Screw injection molding machine plasticizing device is mainly made up of feeding device, barrel, screw, glue assembly, nozzle part.

In practice, more and more customers will ask to buy so-called "high-speed machines" or "fast machines."

In addition to the demand of the product itself, most of the other purposes are to shorten the forming cycle, increase the output per unit time, and then reduce the production cost and improve the competitiveness.

1. Faster ejection speed: increase motor motor and pump, or add accumulator (preferably closed loop control);

2. Speed up feeding: the motor motor and pump are increased, or the feed oil pressure motor is reduced to speed up the screw speed;

3. Multi-loop system: double or three-loop design is used to synchronize the compound action and shorten the forming time;

4. Increase the water flow of the mould and improve the cooling efficiency of the mould.

The improvement and modification of machine performance can increase production efficiency, but it also increases investment cost and operation cost.

Therefore, the evaluation of benefits before investment needs to be carefully measured in order to produce the highest benefit with the most suitable model.