What Are The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Luggage?

- Oct 20, 2017-

Purchasing a quality set of luggage is important, regardless of how much traveling is done. Plastic luggage is a somewhat less common alternative to the more traditional fabric luggage, but it does feature some pros and cons to take into account. First, molded plastic luggage is typically quite rugged and can withstand a lot of heavy use; it's also usually pretty water resistant unless it's completely submerged, making it a good choice for checked bags. On the downside, it tends to be very heavy and somewhat unwieldy if it is being used as a carry-on.

Hard plastic luggage provides a lot of advantages to travelers. The price is generally comparable to other types of luggage, and it often features a long warranty as well, which can also indicate that the luggage is of better quality. Of course, the sturdiness of plastic luggage is one of the main pros to using it; it can withstand drops as well as heavy items being stacked on top of it, which is common as the bag progresses through airports. Some people also appreciate its ruggedness if they will be traveling for a while, and want to ensure that the latches and closures will last.

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The fact that it is very sturdy means it is commonly used by people who need to pack more fragile items such as electronics equipment. Photographers, for example, who travel with a great deal of expensive equipment, will frequently rely on plastic luggage to ensure their items are protected from damage. Of course, the durability of plastic luggage can be one of its cons as well, because it tends to make the luggage a bit unwieldy at times. In addition, a set of this type of luggage will generally not include a duffel bag, which is a big omission for some people.

It is common for plastic luggage to be much heavier than nylon luggage, and it can also be more difficult to store in the overhead bins in airplanes. It is also important to consider how the luggage will be carried; if the plastic luggage has wheels and an extendable handle, the extra weight might not matter so much. If it is just a basic case without wheels, though, it might be very heavy and unpleasant to carry. Of course, this is true of nylon luggage as well. Some people find that combining their luggage options, and purchasing one durable plastic case to go along with the rest of their nylon set, is the best choice.

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