Type 54 Pistol Plastic Frame Mold Design, Injection Mould For Pistol Gun Plastic Parts

- Dec 28, 2017-

Type 54 pistol plastic frame mold design, injection mould for pistol gun plastic parts


Our factory is located in Shenzhen city which is next to HK,we have done the pistol mold before, so if you have some other pistol model ,Once we get the 3D drawings or sample , we will design the mold as the exact one.



Q:whats delivery time of the plastic injection mold?

A: Short delivery time: 35-50 working days.

Q:How can i know you produce the right plastic mould or tooling?

A: we can provide free prototype before making mold.

Q; How do you handle the wrong mold?

A: we can help to correct not good mold design.

Q:How can you confirm the plastic injection mold you produce is the one we need?

A: we can provide professional mold analysis reports before mold making .

Q:What can we do if we don’t have the mold drawing ?

A: you will only provide the actual sample to us then we can help you to make the design injection mold drawings for your confirmation

Q:Can we test the plastic injection mold?

A:after the mold is ok ,we can help you to test the mold for free.

Q:Can you process the die-casting parts of injection mold?

A: We can help to process die-casting parts for small run or mass production.


Mark Hu

Email: sales02@a-mold.com