Top 10 Plastic Packaging Stories Of 2020

- Dec 18, 2020-

Early on and seemingly out of nowhere a year that started with much promise morphed into a period of unprecedented pandemic-induced uncertainty with course-change corrections along the way that’s disrupted lives, livelihoods, and generally blew up plans and expectations worldwide.

But if there’s been one reassuring carryover from years past as seen from the editor’s desk, it’s been the high volume of news and innovation in plastic packaging. This market has not stopped breaking boundaries in new ways.

With rare exception a major plotline driving the plastics discussion remains tied to the familiar theme of sustainability as in years past. In fact, in reviewing the top-read packaging articles, the word “dominates” comes immediately to mind; with rare exception, all Top 10  posted since January as measured by website metrics are about sustainability. In fact, there was but one outlier, non-sustainably themed feature that made the shortlist. That singular topic should surprise no one: It’s COVID-19, which also provided the “plot twist” that yielded the #5 story of the year.

The gallery of the 2020 Top 10 in plastics packaging begins in traditional reverse order starting with a report that pointed to a growing trend: carbon-neutral certification.