The Three Main Stages Of Plastic Mold Design

- Jul 13, 2017-

The three main stages of plastic mold design

Plastic mold design with external constraints and more complex structure flexible, experiential and exploratory, and other characteristics, in the mold design to be analyzed and discussed many things, if not reasonable or imperfect design process will affect the mold design quality. To this end it is necessary to plastic mold design process to be standardized and improved.

Typically, plastic mold design can be divided into three main phases.

(1) The exploratory stage of this stage is the preparation phase of design work, complete control of plastic parts diagrams and technical requirements provided by collecting relevant technical information, and explore technical measures to meet the requirements. If necessary, make the necessary changes to the plastic parts or technical requirements.
(2) The conceptual stage at this stage is based on the requirements of the previous phase of the master and collect relevant technical information and expertise on the major portion of the mold measures proposed design concept, and research in the main part of the mold design, how it fits in existing processing equipment and technology, as well as how to ensure mold quality, speed up molding speed and economic efficiency.
(3) The design phase of this stage is to be completed by the idea into practice. It gives the plastic mold of the general assembly drawings and all parts diagram, proposed standard parts, standard parts and mold material restructuring plan required for use.