The Quality System Of Abery Mold

- Dec 28, 2020-

Incoming Quality Control

All materials and components are checked upon delivery to ensure they meet the project requirement. The related certificate for steel, mold base, raw plastic material will be provided upon request.

In Process Quality Control

For mold making, every component or part will be checked at every manufacturing process before releasing to the next step. Injection production stage, we have quality checking through the whole manufacturing process. The main quality control equipment will be vision measuring machine and Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Final Quality Control

Before shipping every mold, we will perform a final quality checking for the key points to ensure there is no step are overlooked.

Sample measurement report

We will provide sample measurement after first trial out using customer provided 2D part drawing and we could provide CMM report also upon request.

We could provide fully CMM steel measurement report for cavity, core and other main inserts as per request.

Control flow:

Mould design control

Mould steel hardness inspection

Mould electrodes inspection

Mould core and cavity steel dimension inspection

Mould pre-assembly inspection

Mould trial report and sample inspection

Mould pre-shipment final inspection

Export mould package inspection