The Low End Injection Molding Machine Will Be Eliminated In A Few Years

- Mar 30, 2018-

There are hundreds of vertical injection molding machine manufacturers in China, whether the number of injection molding machine parts or injection molding machine production is very high. So what do manufacturers depend on to dominate the market? In the case of relative prices, there are only two types of injection molding machines: one is automatic injection molding machine, the other is injection molding machine quality, so at this time the low end injection molding machine will slowly squeeze out of the market.

One, why are there so many low-end injection molding machines?

Because the current lifting equipment and technical standards are facing some challenges in our country. Considering the problem of profits and the lack of protection of intellectual property rights, so many management eyes only look at benefits. In addition, there is a lack of many learned R & D staff, so there are a lot of low-end injection molding machine in the market.

Second, experts predict that the low end injection molding machine will be eliminated in 5 years.

According to news reports, some countries in Western Europe are selling injection molding machines to other countries and there is a very big difference in price between China and China. The price of imported injection molding machines is three times cheaper than that of domestic injection molding machines, and there are also huge differences in some other things. So Chinese buyers rely on imported machines. This example shows that China's technology is relatively backward compared with foreign technology.

Third, improving the quality of domestic machinery

As soon as I heard the news, the quality of domestic machinery kept improving and the number of domestic machines increased. According to statistics, the number of machines increased by 12% in 2016. According to this trend, low-end injection molding machines will be eliminated.