The Future Development Direction Of Mold Manufacturing Is Unmanned

- Dec 10, 2020-

The future development direction of mold manufacturing is unmanned

With the development of economization and the continuous changes in the Chinese market situation, developed countries have proposed "re-industrialization", using artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital manufacturing to regain the competitive advantage of manufacturing. It is difficult for Chinese mold companies to continue to rely on low-cost competitiveness. Moreover, molds are widely used in various fields, and there are more and more requirements for mold equipment. Therefore, mold manufacturing requires technological innovation and development towards standardized unmanned processing. This is an inevitable trend.

   Unmanned is also called automation. Unmanned chemical factories have become quite popular abroad, especially in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, and mold manufacturing. Almost all of these production lines are operated by robots, and the staff plays an auxiliary role nearby. For example, in some factories that produce plastic mold parts, unmanned production can be realized. At present, mold manufacturing is developing towards less human and unmanned processing.

  In an unmanned chemical factory using artificial intelligence, production commands and raw materials are input from one end of the factory, and after product design, process design, production processing, and inspection packaging, products are output from the other end of the factory. All work is accomplished by computer-controlled robots, CNC machine tools, unmanned transportation vehicles, and automated warehouses.

  Automation forces standardization. In the process of implementing automation, another great value brought is to promote the standardization process. Customers require shorter lead times, the production process is shortening day by day, the product accuracy requirements are increasing, the price continues to fall, and the competition is becoming more and more. All these requirements must be met through greater flexibility, higher quality, and higher productivity. From a long-term point of view, there is only one solution-automation!

   Unmanned is a development direction of the manufacturing factory in the future.

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