The Complexity Of Industrial Categories Determines That My Country's Intelligent Manufacturing Must Take The Road Of Independence

- Jan 20, 2021-

China is an industrial country with all the United Nations classifications of large, medium and small in the world. It has 39 major industrial categories, 191 medium categories, and 525 sub-categories, thus forming a world-wide industrial system with complete industries. Ning Zhenbo, chief consultant of the Information Technology Center of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, believes that it is precisely because China's industrial categories are too many and too comprehensive, so it is implemented in our country; the intelligent manufacturing process can only rely on ourselves, pure imitation and total plagiarism are useless. . Ning Zhenbo said:; Bringing Germany's "Industry 4.0" can not solve half of our problems, because their industrial categories are not complete and too few; it is not possible to bring the US "Industrial Internet", and their categories are also Incomplete, there are many that do not, which can't give us much reference. In an interview with the media, Tan Jianrong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in a previous interview: In the workshop of the factory, let people do what needs to be done by humans; let the machines do what needs to be done by machines; just let the machines do what needs to be done by robots. Let the robot do it. The role of people is irreplaceable. R10 Mould Alliance Network    From the perspective of comprehensive experts, the thrust of AI on the manufacturing industry is far from being as huge and magical as people imagine, and it is true; the intelligent manufacturing scene must look into the long-term future. At this stage, intelligent manufacturing should also uphold the principle of human-machine collaboration and human-oriented.