Requirements For The Operation Of CNC Machine Tools

- Apr 27, 2018-

I. Before running: 

          1. Is the program consistent with the artifact 

          2. Tool library, tool table tool is consistent with the program tool information 

          3. Check the tool's integrity 

          4. Program syntax check, define the necessary G code M code 

          5. Carry on the simulation processing, check the correctness of the program 

          6. Determine the workpiece coordinate system and program coordinate system in accordance with            7. Finally determine the machine tool state and each switch position (feed rate switch should be 0)

II. Processing: 

           1. Observe the movement and feed direction of the machine in accordance with the program 

           2. When the coordinates of the workpiece, the position of the tool and the residual value are in accordance with each other, the feed rate switch 3 can be gradually increased. Observe and judge whether the vibration of cutting, sound and machine tools is normal. When resuming machining after interrupting program, it should slowly feed to the original machining position, and then gradually restore to normal cutting rate 

           3. Exception handling: 1. When the machine tool stops because of alarm, the alarm information should be cleared first, the spindle should be safely removed from the machining position and the alarm fault will be determined, then the machining process shall be resumed 2. When normal processing needs to suspend the program, the rate switch should be slowly turned off to 0 bit 3. When an emergency occurs, the procedure should be stopped quickly, and the emergency stop button may be used if necessary