Production Cycle Of Anti-wave Stone Steel Mold

- Dec 10, 2020-

                        Production cycle of anti-wave stone steel mold

As the name suggests, the anti-wave stone mold is to prevent the impact of the waves, and the production technology is also strict. The size is also a relatively large type in the mold industry. Generally, it is made of steel plate, which has high toughness and good stability. , Corrosion resistance, easy operation, and long service life. Relevant safety signs are also set up when setting up wave-breaking stones to prevent vehicles from entering the construction area by mistake, causing injuries and construction errors. The production volume and utilization rate of wave-breaking stone steel molds are gradually increasing, but this cannot stop us from continuing to move forward to find higher technology. Only in this way can wave-breaking stone molds always follow the development of the times. Generally speaking, the production cycle of the anti-wave stone mold is 3-7 days. Because this kind of mold is more complicated, the daily output is about 30 tons, so compared with other small molds that are relatively simple to make, it can produce 100 tons per day. It is said that the mold of the anti-wave stone will take longer, but there is no way. The production quality of the anti-wave stone is related to the safety of vehicles and the development of the city.

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