Polypropylene Plastic Injection Molding

- Nov 15, 2017-

          Abery mold has extensive experience in polypropylene (PP) injection molding for a wide variety of applications, including:

Consumer Product Applications:

  • Toys

  • Storage containers

  • Sporting goods

  • Appliances

  • Power tools

  • Dishwasher-safe food containers and cups

Industrial Applications of PP Injection Molding:

  • Medical products, including autoclavable labware

  • Construction products

  • Hardware

  • More

           Polypropylene injection molding is used in many applications and industries because of its beneficial thermal, chemical, physical and mechanical properties.

Properties of Polypropylene:

  • Tough, versatile

  • Lightweight (low specific gravity)

  • High heat resistance for commodity plastic

  • Good chemical resistance

  • FDA and medical grades available

          Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with many cost/performance benefits and is available in three types.

Three General Types of Polypropylene:

  • Homopolymer

  • Random copolymer

  • Block (impact) copolymer

           Its overall toughness, flexibility and heat resistance make polypropylene injection molding an ideal process in manufacturing consumer products, and FDA grades are appropriate for food, toy and medical applications. Its rigidity and tensile strength can be improved by adding talc, mineral or glass reinforcements.

           With fast and economical access to large amounts of PP thanks to long-term relationships with the industry’s top suppliers, Abery mold purchases and stores large quantities of PP in multiple silos, offering economies of scale we can pass along to our customers.

           Abery mold processes standard injection molding, thin-and thick-walled molding and structural foam molding for standard and custom grades of PP.

Grades of Polypropylene Plastic:

  • Talc- and glass-filled grades

  • FDA-recognized grades

  • Custom blends with:

  • Color concentrate

  • Liquid color

  • UV stabilized PP


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