Plastic Injection Machine

- Jan 26, 2021-

Injection molding machine, mould tool, and raw material are the three basic factors of plastic injection molding process. During the process, mold tool is mounted on the machine, and plastic raw material is melted and injected into mold cavity, then it cools and solidify to become desired injection molded parts. Needless to say, how important a plastic injection molding machine is, which also being said, it’s impossible to proceed a plastic injection moulding process with an injection machine.


There are two different types of plastic injection molding machine, which are horizontal and vertical machine. But most of plastic parts are made by horizontal injection machine.


An injection machine mainly includes four main functions: material feeding and molten, clamping, injection, and control panel. For different clamping force of mold tool, the tonnage of injection machine can range from 5 T~5000T, but we need to choose a proper tonnage of machine for production according different mold size.