Participating In The Next Two Shenzhen Industry Fairs In Succession To Interpret The Development Of Makino Under The Changing Situation

- Dec 09, 2020-

Participating in the next two Shenzhen Industry Fairs in succession to interpret the development of Makino under the changing situation

Sino-US economic and trade frictions, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the decline of the automotive industry...

The 5G/medical industry demand is soaring, intelligent manufacturing is accelerating, and the explosive development of new infrastructure...

The alternating rain and shine in the market from 2019 to 2020 will also accelerate the machine tool industry to enter a period of in-depth industrial adjustment. Under the wave after wave of the market, how to turn into gold? Let us use the protagonist of this [Manufacturing Industry Show]-Makino Machine Tool, to understand as a leader in the machine tool industry, facing the present and the future Market, what are the new technological breakthroughs and new market trends!

Looking for light in the gap of the first act: keeping up with user needs, looking for technological breakthroughs

There is a Chinese saying: "Without diamonds, you can't do porcelain work!". From the most popular K series vertical machining center developed in 1958 to electrical discharge machining machine tools, DMS commercial automated mold processing systems, 5-axis control machining centers, wire EDM, EDM machine tools... Since its establishment more than 80 years ago, Makino has been working hard and developing in the fields of molds, parts and aviation, building an industry legend unique to Makino.

This year's mold market is extremely hot, from melt blown cloth molds to helmet molds. According to the "Die Industry Development Prospect Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report", my country's total mold sales have increased from 112 billion yuan in 2010 to 184 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.63%.

In the field of mold manufacturing, Makino Machine Tool's products are known for their "high efficiency and high precision", which can be called the representative of advanced mold manufacturing technology. In the highly competitive mold industry, how did Muye achieve today's achievements? "We visited a large number of mold companies in the early stage, and they put forward many new topics and requirements. It revolved around how to improve efficiency, precision, application scope and other issues and higher According to the technical requirements of Makino, we will be close to the specific needs of users and carry out a new round of transformation and upgrading or research and development of the equipment." said Mr. Shi Jiubo, General Manager of Makino China Industrial Components Division.

The two-year market was in a period of greater turbulence due to various internal and external factors. Subsequently, the machine tool industry also ushered in a period of transformation and upgrading, and a new round of reshuffle in the industry accelerated. President Shi said: “Don’t waste every crisis. At this stage, you can see that the domestic industrial chain is going up, and high-value-added products are further localized. This year can also be said to be the first year of digitalization. Therefore, it is important for the future Chinese market. , Makino will have more plans."

Makino has been choosing to participate in the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition for many years, using the exhibition platform to further explore the South China market. The metal cutting machine tool exhibition in September 2020 will focus on exhibiting metal processing machine tools, closely following the application needs of the industry, and presenting digital, intelligent, and personalized new technologies and solutions. Makino will continue to showcase the latest equipment and digital solutions on the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition platform in September this year and March next year.

In addition to continuously expanding brand influence through the exhibition platform, Makino is also stepping up its layout in terms of digitalization, production capacity, and industry markets.

Construct a new organizational system, establish a network business department, and carry out digital transformation;

Seize the opportunity of the evolution of the manufacturing industry and give full play to the advantages of its own high-end equipment leader;

As Makino's global EDM and WEDM center, the Kunshan plant will double its production capacity in the future;

Set up an automated spare parts warehouse to increase the original spare parts inventory by 1.5 times;

The car market is still optimistic in the future. In the short term, there will be incremental reductions and surplus production capacity. However, in the long run, China has huge demand for automobiles, accelerated domestic substitution of parts and components, and has a sound industrial chain advantage. There is still room for growth in the future.

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