​More Than 90% Of The Things In Our Life Should Be Processed By Mould

- Jul 13, 2017-

More than 90% of the things in our life should be processed by mould

Mold is related to our life, our live in more than 90% of the things should be through the mould processing and become, and 95% of those things should be through high temperature mold casting, the temperature is generally going to reach above 300 ℃.Mold is the production of industrial or civil to injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, the methods of stamping, stretching products of various molds and tools required.

Special, due to the shape of the mould can not use the traditional insulation material to heat insulation, makes the mold under high temperature heat loss is great, the heat loss, high temperature mold the thermal fatigue of the metal loss and so on.Huge loss of mold heat, not only directly increase the cost of production, but due to frequent change mould large production line shut down frequently cause greater economic losses.

Mould of the successful use of high temperature thermal insulation coating, solves the problem of resources depletion of mold industry.By the only manufacturer of mold heat insulation coatings, chi ChengWeiHua chemical co., LTD., Beijing the ZS - 1 high temperature resistant heat insulation coatings, thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.03 W/m.K, heat resistance, 1800 ℃, can effectively restrain various conduction heat and heat, heat preservation inhibition efficiency can reach 90%, live the mold heat insulation by more than 80%, the internal temperature of the mold is very good, the surface temperature is not hot.Paint coating on the surface of the mold that 1100 ℃ the 8 mm thick, the mold surface temperature can be reduced from 1100 ℃ to 1100 ℃.Other volunteers ChengWeiHua chlorine ion mold high temperature resistant heat insulation coating is zero, still can prevent the air or process of chloride, sulfide into contact with the metal surface, have very good preservation effect of mould of metal, and will not lead to welding the weld metal embrittlement, chi shing ZS - 1 mold heat insulation coating insulation coefficient is high, has good heat insulation effect.

Mold coating chi shing after high temperature heat insulation coatings, heat loss and energy saving can reach more than 80%, mould metal corrosion rate fell by 60%, personnel security is increased by 100%, the benefit of the enterprise increased by more than 30%, industrial production double safety coefficient.

Mold is the important part of industrial production, mold heat insulation, improve industrial production safety coefficient, prevent accidents, personal casualty and property loss, etc to eliminate or control the dangerous and harmful factors, guarantee personal safety and health, equipment and facilities from significant damage, etc.