Mold Polishing Machine

- Jan 29, 2018-

       The general process of polishing is to use a fine file to the surface of the first light, and then use the coarse stone rasp the place where the shine, the file filing lines worn away, and then use a fine stone to oil oil lines Mill to, and then the fine metallographic sandpaper to oil where the oil over. This is the mold polishing process a few years ago the whole process. Now with an ultrasonic polisher, used polishing paste and abrasive paste. Some of the original process to be polished by hand has been polished with a machine. Efficiency has improved a lot, clear  also improved a lot.
1, the scope of application: a variety of molds (such as plastic mold, metal mold, glasses mold, die-casting mold, carbide mold, etc.) complex cavity narrow slot slit blind hole round hole arc surface rough Surface to mirror the plastic surgery. 2, polishing material: all kinds of metal, glass, jade, agate and so on. 3, after processing the surface roughness: <Ra0.008 (▽ 14) 4, grinding materials: diamond file, fiber Whetstone, artificial diamond and diamond paste polishing paste 5, discharge medium: kerosene or water 6, ultrasonic frequency: 25-35KHz 7, plane polishing frequency: 3.5KHz 8, EDM high time: 0.8μs-15μs sparks; patterns and strengthen 1-99μs 9, working voltage: single-phase 220V ± 15% 50Hz