Mold Is The Rust Of Fault Eliminate Scheme

- Jul 13, 2017-

Mold is the rust of fault eliminate scheme

All know rust mold for the plastic parts can cause the quality question, plastic mold multi-purpose tool steel, which it wants to meet in a work lead to rust material such as corrosive gas, water, therefore to eliminate this problem.

(1) the melt decomposed to produce gas.

Some raw material after heating will produce volatile gas, the gas more corrosive, they will have corrosion on the mold. Therefore, equipment to stop working, use soft cloth wipe the die, and closed mold, if long time need not when, cavity to spray anti-rust agent, coated with butter, even when in closed die gate on the wall.

(2) the cooling water in mold.

Mold with cooling water for cooling, so more moisture around the molding equipment. If the mould cooling below the dew point, moisture in the air will be formed in the mold surface water, such as not timely wipe go easy to rust. Especially in the mold after stop working, will soon produce condensate. Therefore, stop molding, also want to close the cooling water, and dry mold.

(3) when the carbide forming.

Mold after a long time job, molding materials generated carbide precipitation and decomposition, often makes die wear, corrosion or rust. To this, if found to have carbide generated, should be removed immediately.