Mold Design Internal Requirements

- Jul 13, 2017-

Mold Design Internal Requirements

Mold Design The Mold datum angle looks like a very simple question, but even now the mold design experience has not been able to work the brother, may have been because of the base angle and have appeared or large or small problems.

The mold is installed on the injection molding machine, the side of the beer-taking product is operated side, the side of the operation is not the operation surface, Mold Design the above is the side of the day, the bottom is the side, and the rectangular side formed by the side and the non operation side is the mould datum angle.

The Mold datum angle of the distinction is generally not wrong, for us, we are ordering mold embryo at the time of the general requirements of the mold plant in all templates on the datum angle to cut C10 chamfer.

There has been such a mistake: the designer ordered the mold embryo in 3D when the datum angle position is correct, mold embryo factory processing is also used that datum angle processing, but at the time of cutting datum angle and reversed, and to the datum angle opposite. The designer in the formal issue of CNC machining of the map in the position of the datum angle is not in the mold embryo order map of the position (do not know God horse situation). Mold Design The mould embryo of the mould room is given the datum angle of 2D processing drawing and the wrong position, but the position of the pendulum is not at the wrong angle of the mould embryo factory, and the mould is processed by the datum angle. The deep hole is drilled in the thimble and the water, only the chamfer on the template and the datum on the graph, then screw water thimble all wrong, in short this chaos, so messy things, the head is big, quarrel Shing fights are useless, Mold Design the problem is still to solve, later the mold or the designer to change back, the template was drilled holes.

1, the mold of the number of processing methods in general according to the internal requirements of the mold factory, the basis angle of unilateral processing and the four-sided processing. At present may use four points in the processing of the number of mold factory a little more, Mold Design think four points in high precision, nothing more than touch two times the number of trouble. But there are also some more well-known mold factory regardless of the size of the mold using the datum angle of unilateral processing, they say, they do out of the precision is also very high. Therefore, the four-sided points and the datum angle is superior or not, do not comment, Mold Design in strict accordance with the requirements of the company to do, certainly right. 

2, for the mold parts, if the same as the mold datum angle direction of the side is perpendicular to the right angle, it must be the benchmark.

3, if the part is shaped, but the shape still has a right angle side, at the right angle as the processing datum angle.

4, if the part is shaped, there is no right angle side, you can cut at the bottom of a mutually perpendicular side, processing before the benchmark, CNC gong out or cut out of line.

In short, in the design and production of the mold to ensure that the design of 3D, CNC processing, milling machine, deep hole drilling, line cutting and so on the number of various processes of the number of places is consistent, the only. Reasonable arrangement of processes, Mold Design reasonable selection of processing benchmarks. The Assembly datum of the mould is always certain, even if your processing datum does not match with the mould datum, normal circumstance will not be installed wrongly because of assembly datum and Processing datum.