Injection Molded Parts

- Mar 30, 2018-

                                          Inejction molded parts  

     Plastics production of mechanical processing Plastics processing methods such as metal and wood are used to produce plastic products with very precise dimensions or small quantities. They can also be used as forming auxiliary processes, such as sawing of extruded profiles. Because the properties of plastics are different from those of metals and woods, plastics have poor thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and low modulus of elasticity. When the clamps or tools are pressurized too much, they are prone to deformation, easily melted during cutting, and tend to adhere to the tool. on. Therefore, when plastics are machined, the tools used and the corresponding cutting speeds must be adapted to the characteristics of the plastics. The commonly used machining methods include sawing, shearing, punching, car, planing, drilling, grinding, polishing, thread processing, and the like. In addition, plastics can also be laser cut, punched and welded.

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