Industry Trend Of Integral Septic Tank Mold

- Dec 10, 2020-

The industry trend of integral septic tank mold

In order to save our country’s land resources, the country promulgated a land protection policy to prohibit the production of solid clay bricks, which has since opened upmarket space for hydraulic molds. We have increased scientific research on the basis of the original technology of molds, and continuously improved the quality of products to produce The bricks and blocks of the bricks meet the national standard, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and increase the density and strength of bricks. The emergence of cement septic tank steel molds is a major innovation and opened a new era for the production of non-burning bricks, hollow bricks, and cement bricks. The production of fire-free bricks with new quality and size standards also creates the possibility for wall material innovation and change in wall material composition.

This is especially true for cement septic tank steel molds. Because the molds are widely used in our lives, the precautions for the use of molds cannot be ignored. First of all, cement septic tank steel molds should focus on quality and increase mold life. Starting from the situation, taking the actual use of the customer as the fundamental starting point, considering the mold cavity shape, parting surface, pouring position and method, and exhaust position, etc., have an important impact on the accuracy, shape, complexity, and physical properties of the mold. Septic tanks are widely used in our country, so the mold market has great potential for development. The quality of molds directly affects the cost and production cycle of products. Choosing excellent mold products can effectively improve the efficiency and yield of production enterprises while reducing risks and costs.

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