How To Deal With Demoulding Difficult Problem

- Jul 13, 2017-

How to deal with demoulding difficult problem

First of all to understand why the demoulding difficult problem,

1 the mould by grooves;

2 draft;

3 mold finish is not high.

1 failure caused by insufficient draft is very common, in the product design, must be marked on the map draft, draft usually range between 1 ~ 2 degrees, with much good as far as possible in this scope, special occasions also allows for more than 0.5 degrees

If 2 injection pressure is too high, products with mold too closely tiejin, demoulding becomes difficult

3 in order to make the products successfully from the mold, a liberal with silicone release agent, however, when using the release agent can only be painted a layer of thinner is so. If the coating is too thick to wipe is difficult. And due to release agent, printing mark in the products and other secondary processing is not good, once the coating on the mould release agent attached to the products to wipe is quite difficult.

According to the above root cause, come up with a solution:

1.instant injection pressure drop, shorten the holding time, the lower mold temperature slows the demoulding, spraying mold release agent

2. Short term: to improve the mold cavity surface

3. long: increase the draft, increasing the number of the ejection pin

4. Because of the difference of the material

If heavy and hard material, such as the GPPS, due to insufficient hat slope common have been broken. For both sticky and soft material, such as PE, may make the products in a number of tuberous root cut off.