How To Control The Accuracy Of Plastic Injection Molding Parts?(2)

- Sep 20, 2017-

Injection molding production:

       Five elements to ensure that the accuracy of large parts during mass production, the stability of production factors is necessary, but to do is not easy!

        People (Workers): A skilled the technical staff who know how to adjust the parameters of the injection machine is very important

        Injection Machine: high-quality injection molding machine controls accuracy and stability;

        Plastic Raw Material: Time to dry, the different supplier of plastic should be taken into consideration.

         Process: the right process is the key point to a production manager and mold designer

          Environment: Dirty free, constant temperature workshop.

Abery mold factory supply plastic injection mould service

Mass production is required that five elements to be as stable as possible!

          Mold is designed for producing a high-quality plastic part to meet the customer’s demand. The above is just a small part of our comments, actually, plastic injection molding is very complicated, and sometimes we have to treat it case by case! At Abery mold, we always seek to find the best injection molding solution to meet the requirements.

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