General Knowledge Of Mold Polishing

- Jan 29, 2018-

1.When a new module begins to be machined, it should be wiped with water (kerosene) to clean it and then all the grease and undue should be wiped clean with alcohol. When the mold is hit by whetstone, it will not Stick to the dirt and even lose the cutting function.

2. Provincial model provincial model should be the first corner of the corner, bones and dead corners of the place, after the provincial convex position and large plane.

3. Part of the module is composed of three to four pieces of sandwiched to form a module, individual die along the edge only to get rid of coarse lines or spark pattern, after all the models folder Qi provincial to smooth, plastic pieces beer out when the clip Bit will be slightly smooth.

 4. Large flat or high protruding module, be sure to hit the rough with flat steel and red lead check the module has rugged or anti-mouth of the bad situation. If there is not flat Sticky mold or flowers.

5. Module is a plane may be in a place is a plastic sealing bits, we can use double-sided adhesive tape affixed to the sandpaper on the edge of the mold do not want to, so as to ensure that the provincial province should not be saved.

6. Use copper or bamboo sandpaper sandpaper Province model Remember sandpaper should not be too large than the tool area should not hit the place was more sandpaper hit the round mouth or uneven shape.

7. With copper or bamboo processing, the shape of the tool should be similar with the mold, so as not to save the deformation of the module. For example: plane to use a flat bamboo, small or round with small or round bamboo processing.

8. When the provincial model plane to the convex next to the time, the sandpaper or whetstone should oblique play 15 to 30 degrees provincial model, so as to avoid a pit next to the protruding position.

9. If the rough model stone in the 150 #, 180 #, 220 # and other whetstones should not add fire water, lighting more than 320 # above. Manual copper or bamboo depending on the circumstances may be. If not allowed spark pattern, the provincial model to see clearly or in different ways to find out the spark pattern and will be removed because of each pattern found after the pattern. Go a long way and waste material.

10. Check the spark pattern module, the module can be washed first, with a sweep evenly coated with copper on its surface, about 3 to 5 minutes, wash the module with water, dry with a gun. After the pattern on the surface of the non-spark pattern will be dimmed, sparkling surface will show shiny spots. Repeated with whetstone or sand paper to non-spark pattern, until fully dark after testing copper. The weight of copper acid is 3 parts of water, 1 part of copper acid)

11. provincial blisters do not have to be more than the young copper, the public, as long as the copper convex or prominent place to save something, not necessarily concave under the sun, it is best to find out the problem before the provincial model, young we want the province To smooth, all the angular position convex position to the province to clear obedience, sunken to find out the reason, nor necessarily hit. 

12. Bronze as received in the spark machine bronze fixtures, the following four benchmark nails, soft objects must be placed on the bottom (such as cloth Aberdeen, paper skins), so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the workpiece movement, on the Taiwan Or rack the same way.

13. Hand or machine to 400 # above the sandpaper to pay attention to the environment around the module clean sandpaper should be sandwiched before scissors roll on each other, the sandpaper slightly coarse sand removed, it will reduce When the light suddenly hit the rough pattern 

14. Provincial model who found abnormal or provincial province turned over and found that there is an unknown object collision plane should be reported to the competent knowledge of the completion of the provincial model should be notified to the competent, Should not be completed and handed over to the test mode after the discovery of failure.