Explore The Three Survival Methods Of The Domestic Hardware Die-casting Mold Industry

- Dec 10, 2020-

Explore the three survival methods of the domestic hardware die-casting mold industry

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application range of aluminum-magnesium alloy and other alloy die-casting products in the market, domestic aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting products have developed rapidly in recent years. In the current good market conditions, whether it will be restricted by certain factors is also a concern of many people in the hardware die casting mold industry.

Although aluminum die-casting mold products are sold well in China, it does not mean that they are sold well abroad, or that foreign markets have special needs and consumption habits different from those in China. This is also an indisputable fact. Domestic mold expert Luo Baihui believes that the main reasons restricting the development of my country's current die-casting mold industry are: first, domestic die-casting molds still have many shortcomings in the use of raw materials; second, backward technology is the development of my country's die-casting mold industry Has been greatly hindered; third, the supporting system of my country's die-casting mold industry is not perfect. These factors are the bottlenecks restricting the development of my country's aluminum alloy die-casting mold industry. Only when my country's aluminum die-casting mold industry breaks through this big bottleneck, increases research and development efforts, and constantly adjusts its development mode, can it occupy a place in the international market.

Luo Baihui said that die-casting and molds are two different industries, but die-casting and mold industries can be integrated. The birth of the die-casting mold industry is the perfect combination of the two, that is to say, die-casting, molds and die-casting molds are three different In the industry, the hardware die-casting mold industry mainly survives and develops in the following ways.

The first is the mold. Die-casting integration, all molds are made by themselves, and molds are rarely made for other companies;

The second type of professional die-casting mold manufacturing, without die-casting;

The third type is only die-casting and no mold manufacturing capabilities;

There is a common phenomenon in various modes. Regardless of whether it is a designer or a production staff, the mold maker basically rarely starts from die-casting production. Especially many die-casting mold manufacturers do not have a die-casting machine, and the trial mold is interviewed outside. Or try the mold at the customer's place, and the mold design and production personnel have little chance of contact with die casting.

With the intensification of the industrial division of labor, the gradual blurring of industrial boundaries, and the development of industries, the three industries should strengthen ties, learn from each other, and integrate the three organically to obtain greater development space.

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