EU Plastics Organization Calls For Strengthening Legislation On Plastic Strategy

- May 02, 2018-

Experts from the Association of Plastics Industry talked about that the European Commission has developed an ambitious "Plastics Strategy" to make plastics use more environmentally friendly. This strategy focuses on the entire industry and should be included in the law. Alexander Dangis, Managing Director of the European Plastics Processing Association (EuPC), said: "The recycling goal of this strategy is that all plastic packaging must be reused or made easy to recycle by 2030 and require 10 million by 2025 Tons of recycled plastics are converted into new products. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the industry will need legislative support." In an interview after the conclusion of the circular economy conference held in Brussels from February 20 to 21, he said that the plastics strategy calls for "a major action in the entire value chain", with particular attention to consumer education and waste management. He said: "Mechanical recycling may have reached technical limits, but if we establish an appropriate sorting and plastic separation infrastructure in Europe, we can still make even greater contributions to the use of recycled plastics." "We also need to do our utmost to develop chemical recovery of polymers and develop new resource-efficient supply chains for the European petrochemical industry."

Danges pointed out that despite "a variety of sensational exaggeration statements" (such as the conference boasting itself as a plastic-less conference), "people still admit the importance of plastic to our society." He pointed out that the EU plastics strategy still believes that "plastic is an important and ubiquitous material." Dancies and other European Plastics Association executives opposed the ban on plastics at meetings of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Council. Liono Garcia, director of public affairs at the European Plastics Trading Group, said in an interview after the meeting that proper waste management is the key to solving the problem. Garcia said: "The ecological design of plastics will increase recycling and resource efficiency, and new plastic packaging technology will increase the recyclability of plastic packaging. We are working hard to accelerate the development of mechanical and chemical recycling solutions. This will bring more High quality recycled materials and wider use of recycled products. The association's "Plastics 2030 - Voluntary Commitment" calls for the re-use and recyclability of 60% plastic packaging by 2030, and before 2040, 100% of all plastics in 28 countries of the European Union including Norway and Switzerland. Reuse, recycling and/or recycling of packaging. EU officials said they welcome the attention of the community to the plastics industry.