Double Color Mold Technical Points

- Jul 13, 2017-

Double color mold technical points

The so-called double color mould refers to two kinds of plastic material in the same injection molding machine injection molding, two forming, but the product out of the mold only once the mold. This is also called the double injection molding process, usually performed by a set of mould, and need special double color injection molding machine. When use, in order to get better effect, we need to know the following related technical key points.

1. The subject of two different shape, respectively, forming one kind of product. And the Core of the two shapes are exactly the same.

2. Mold to center before and after rotate for 180 o, must be identical. When the design must do the check.

3. Pay attention to the location of the pinhole, the minimum distance is 210 mm. Big mould must be appropriate to increase the number of top outs. And, as a result of injection molding machine itself with thimble not long enough, so our mould must be designed in the extension thimble, thimble grow mold base plate is about 150 mm. Two (2) location ring die floor must be designed.

4. The front mould panel and the total thickness of A plate may not be less than 170 mm. Please take a closer look at this type of injection molding machine of other reference data, for example, the maximum thickness of molar, the minimum thickness of molar, top stick hole distance, etc.

5. Three board of shuikou better designed to automatically from the action. Special attention should be paid to the demoulding soft glue at the mouth of the action can.

6. The depth of the SPRUE does not exceed 65 mm of the side. The top of the upper (gate) SPRUE to mold center distance of not less than 150 mm.

7. When designing the second injection molding CAVITY, in order to avoid the CAVITY insert (or brush) adhesive has good product for the first time, part can be designed to avoid empty. But must be considered every seal adhesive strength, namely: in the injection molding, injection pressure, will there be in the big plastic deformation occurs, leading to the second injection may be produced there may be a batch of feng!

8. When we do the injection, the first of the injection molding product size can be slightly larger, to make it the second time molding can with another CAVITY pressure more tightly, in order to achieve the effect of sealing glue.

9. Pay attention to in the second when we do the injection, the flow of the plastic will impulse has good product for the first time, the plastic deformation? If there's a possibility, must find a way to improve.

10. In front of the A and B plate clamping, attention should be paid to die before the Slider or Lifter will reset and crush the product first? So, we must think of some way to make the A and B plate clamping first, after the former mode of the SLIDER or LIFET to reset.

11. The two CAVITY and CORE water arrangement as far as possible fully, and balanced, the same.

12.99% of the time is hard plastic part of the first injection products, injection products again soft rubber parts. Because the soft rubber easy deformation.