Development Of The Plastic Mold Industry Significantly Enhanced In 2013

- Jul 13, 2017-

Development of the plastic mold industry significantly enhanced in 2013

Plastic mold is a tool for the production of plastic products , including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding , adsorption, foam, slush and other mold types. Plastic molds are widely used in home appliances , automobiles, railway transportation , aerospace, military and other fields of plastic parts production . With the rapid development of automobile , home appliances, electronic communications sector , accounting for the total amount of mold plastic mold will gradually increase the proportion and rate of development will be faster than other types of mold.
CBIW release of " 2013-2018 China plastic mold industry research and market forecast report" pointed out that China plastic mold industry after years of development, the overall strength and competitiveness significantly enhanced for the automotive, appliance and other industries services ability greatly enhanced. The industry has formed a certain number and strength of the backbone enterprises, product quality and technical level has been greatly improved, has been formed south, north and east of the three major production bases of plastic molds , which brings together eastern and southern China's major large plastic mold companies , forming a large number of plastic mold city scale , agglomeration effects industry increasingly prominent . "Eleventh Five " accounting plastic mold in the mold industry is growing , in 2012 China plastic mold industry sales output value of 83.2 billion yuan .