Custom Plastic Molding & Tooling Solutions

- Dec 28, 2017-

Custom Plastic Molding & Tooling Solutions

   Our plastic injection molding and tooling is highly customizable, enabling us to create injection molded parts that perfectly match your design specifications. Because of the incredible diversity of the parts we produce, Abery Mold works directly with several world-class manufacturers of plastic injection tooling. Each of these companies has a number of strengths and specialties, and create custom molds and tooling to meet the unique requirements of our customers’ injection molding projects.

    Whether you need a simple prototype mold in a couple of weeks, a complex mold requiring hardened steel with intricate slides and inserts, or adjustment, repairs, or modifications to existing molds, Abery mold can deliver with the highest quality and most precise plastic injection molding and tooling in the industry. Our network of toolmakers has been tested time and again by our many projects. Based on price, turnaround time, complexity, and production quantity, Stack Plastics will utilize the right toolmaker for your job.

    The wide range of specialization our toolmakers bring to the table gives us greater flexibility and efficiency in our plastic molding processes. Their experience and proven expertise ensures that all of our injection molded parts meet the highest standards of quality. There is almost no limit to the custom designs we can create for our customers.