Coordinate Measurement Machine

- Jan 30, 2018-

         Coordinate Measurement Machine, also known as image mapping instrument, the measured physical images can be directly input into the computer, digital, computer or screen to generate a screen to make you more intuitive and clear understanding of the product shape, size and size , At the same time, the measured data and drawings can be exported to EXCEL or AUTOCAD, which is an essential instrument for engineering development, drawing measurement and product inspection. 

        Coordinate Measurement Machine is built on the basis of CCD digital imaging, relying on the computer screen measurement technology and spatial geometry operations of the powerful software capabilities generated. 

         After the computer is installed with dedicated control and graphics measurement software, it becomes the measurement brain with the software soul, which is the main body of the whole device. It can quickly read the optical ruler displacement values, through the establishment of geometric calculations based on space-based software modules, instantly get the desired results; and on the screen to produce graphics for operators to map contrast, which can visually distinguish Deviations from the measurement result. 

        All this is done in real time in front of today's powerful computational capabilities, which the operator himself can not detect. This can take advantage of CCD digital images through computer software to meet the sophisticated measurement needs of precision instruments is the true sense of the image measuring instrument and three dollars.