Brand Ranking Of Injection Molding Machine

- Mar 30, 2018-

The development of plastics has brought a lot of convenience to people's life, but with the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand is increasingly rich, the appearance and color of plastic products, After entering the 21st century, the plastic manufacturing industry needs to develop to the direction of innovation, efficiency, automation, energy conservation, follow the pace of the times, and create higher benefits. Meet people's increasingly rich cultural life. This requires that injection molding machines have higher performance to meet the development of the plastic industry. At present, I have a variety of small injection molding machines, complete range, customers can diversify development, But the small injection molding machine of our country only has the advantage in quantity, but also appears the situation that the supply exceeds the demand for once, and cannot match the small injection molding machine of the foreign country qualitatively. In this paper, the author makes a simple analysis and explanation on the ranking of the injection molding machine at home and abroad.

Companies with advanced injection molding machines abroad include Engel of Austria, Demag of Germany, Pattonfield, Nestor of Switzerland, New Dodor of Italy, Hasky of Italy, Cincinnati of the United States, Japanese essence of Japan, Japanese Steel, Toshiba,Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, etc.There are Taiwan plastic injection machines in Taiwan, Zhenxiong, Taichung essence, full hair, Fuqiangxin, Hong Kong animation, Lijin, Baoyuan, Yiqin, etc. Inland there are Jintong, Langge, Teri, Haitian, Keixiong, Huadu University, Gran, Bochon, Haitai, etc.Starfish, golden eagle, etc.With the addition of WTO in our country, some foreign machinery manufacturers carry out technology transfer and establish technology research center to promote the development and innovative progress of injection molding machines in China.But this is not only an opportunity but also a challenge to domestic injection molding machine manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers should seize this opportunity accurately, find their own shortcomings, learn from the advanced technology of foreign enterprises, and take its essence to get rid of its dross.