BMC Vertical Injection Molding Machine-JTT-550R Vertical Injection Molding Machine

- Mar 30, 2018-

The full name of BMC vertical injection molding machine is lumped plastic vertical injection molding machine, which is mainly used to produce thermosetting agglomerates. There is a hydraulic system in the feeding part, which is a semi-dry process to manufacture glass fiber reinforced thermosetting products. It needs to be used in the injection molding process because of its good electrical properties, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages, so it is widely used in the electrical industry, mostly used to make electrical products plugs, connectors, Electrical conductive plastic shell products such as coil skeleton. Its processing process requires high efficiency, convenience and does not destroy the fiber structure of its raw materials, thus ensuring the strength of the product. The following detailed analysis of the purchase of BMC vertical injection molding machine.

Selection of BMC Vertical injection Molding Machine

Feeding system

The common feeding systems in the market are screw type and plunger type, the others have their own advantages, but the BMC vertical injection molding machine needs additional extrusion feeding device to increase the pressure due to the particularity of raw materials.

Injection molding system

The injection process requires accurate and constant injection to keep the exhaust unobstructed.

Heating system

Heating system is the most important, whether the temperature control accuracy can ultimately guarantee the quality of the product after injection molding, so accurate and efficient temperature control system is particularly important.

Combined mode

At present, most of the injection molding machines are mechanical or hydraulic, which can meet the requirements of injection molding.