Advantages Of Plastic Injection Moulding

- Jan 26, 2021-

1. High Efficiency, Easy for Mass Production

It takes around 15~60 seconds to finish a single plastic injection molding cycle, which means we can produce a plastic part in 15~60 seconds by plastic injection molding process. It’s much quicker than other manufacturing methods, like CNC machining, die casting, conventional milling, etc.

On the other hand, if there is a large scale of manufacturing volume needed, we can design injection mold tool with multiple cavities, or have more mould tool for production. In this way, we can manufacture large volume orders with very short-time.


2. Low Cost

Compared to CNC machining and die casting, plastic injection molded part is much cheaper, as its lower material cost and higher manufacturing efficiency.

Even through there would be some mold tool cost that we might increase our total cost, however the plastic injection molding process is still the most economical manufacturing method. Relative to say, a same product of injection molding is about 1/5~1/8 cheaper than die casting process, and 1/10~1/20 cheaper than CNC machining. This is why plastic injection molding is our first choice of making diverse of products.


3. Accurate in Dimension

Since plastic injection molded part made from mold tool, which offer an accurate dimension and consistence. For different requirement, a highly accurate parts could be tolerance of 0.01~0.02mm, 1/10 of a piece of human’s hair. Those parts are mainly used in airplane, meter, and military industries. For other lower quality parts, a +/-0.05mm of tolerance can be achieved as needed for printer parts, clock parts, computer parts, mobile phone parts, etc. Except for some material that has serious shrinkage issue(like PA, POM, PP), a +/-0.1mm of tolerance can be obtained for nearly most of plastic injection molded parts.

It means we can almost make the same accurate parts with plastic injection molding process while not increasing manufacturing cost as CNC machining or other manufacturing process.

4. Available for Complex Product Structure

Unlike CNC machining or other conventional manufacturing process, the plastic injection molding process offers a wide design option of complex structure, which allows screw, clipper, window, web, grid, rib, slot, hole, pillar…as complex as you can design, the mold maker can always find the way to make plastic injection molded part.


5. Flexible Color and Surface Treatment

As we know, a plastic injection molded parts can be custom-made as different color as you want. Because we can change the color powder easily and mix it into plastic material. Meanwhile we can do different surface treatment like mold texture or part printing to obtain different appearance or touch feeling. It provide customers different options as we needed.


6. Easy for Design Change and Engineering Modification

During a product design and development process, there could be some imperfects that we need to improve. A plastic injection molded parts offers flexible design change or engineering modification via modifying the mold tool. After the mold modification, the molded parts could quickly be used for new generation of production.