Adhesive Composite Reinforcements From Chomarat

- Sep 08, 2017-

Composites and textiles provider Chomarat has developed FX, its new range of adhesive reinforcements.

’FX is an adhesive applied to our fabrics, multiaxials and core materials,’ said Raphaël Pleynet, head of composites and construction business. ‘It is a new service that we provide for our customers who are looking for enhanced productivity and a healthier work environment.’

According to the company, FX can facilitate the closed-mold production of large or complex-geometry parts, and makes it easier to position reinforcements in molds. Available on most of Chomarat’s glass reinforcements, it is an alternative to adhesive sprays. FX emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is available with Chomarat’s ranges of fabrics, multiaxials and core materials. The adhesive can be placed on a single side, or both.

’The resin cure is not affected by the addition of the adhesive and the mechanical performance is optimal,’ said Philippe Sanial, Head of R&T at Chomarat. ‘FX also facilitates the layup of parts, saving time and reducing the production costs.’

FX is suitable for a range of markets, including marine and transportation.