A Knowledge Of Mold Polishing

- Jan 29, 2018-

           Why the mold surface to force clean As plastic products are widely used and the quality requirements continue to improve, the quality of the mold surface is often required to achieve a mirror finish. A provincial model to achieve a smooth surface of the mold has the following advantages: 1 plastic plastic The product is easier to release the mold 2 can reduce the mold by plastic material erosion 3 can reduce the mold due to temporary overload or fatigue caused by rupture or burst How to determine the surface quality of the mold to determine the mold surface quality Su should pay attention to the following two points: 1 die surface must have a geometrically correct plane, and the surface without any undulating micro-wave undulation. These undulating and previously grinding wheel when the mold is too high The mold surface of the mirror 2 are usually judged with the naked eye, and the naked eye often have difficulty judging, because one by the naked eye that the smooth surface may not be truly geometrically considered completely smooth 3 die surface must be completely free from scratch Flower traces, such as tiny holes left by the carbonized particles being pulled, local peeling, etc. If the mold Strict quality requirements, the smoothness of the surface can be measured using special instruments to see the light wave refraction method or with a magnifying glass.

         Tools: sandpaper, Whetstone, wool wheel, diamond plaster, diamond table file, flint, diamond grinding needles, all kinds of copper, all kinds of bamboo, fiber Whetstone, round rotary grinding machine.