Plastic Mold Parts With High Quality

Plastic Mold Parts With High Quality

plastic mold parts with high quality Design and Engineering Experiences ü Unscrew Mould ü Insert Mould ü Interchangeable Mould ü Multiple Slide Action Mould ü Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Mould ü Hot Runner System Mould ü 2 Nozzle Rotary Mould ü Gas Injection Mould We can produce all kinds...
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Product Details

plastic mold parts with high quality

Design and Engineering Experiences 


ü        Unscrew Mould


ü        Insert Mould


ü        Interchangeable Mould


ü        Multiple Slide Action Mould


ü        Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Mould


ü        Hot Runner System Mould


ü        2 Nozzle Rotary Mould


ü        Gas Injection Mould



We can produce all kinds of plastic injection mold and parts. Abery mold is one of the professional manufacturers in the mould & plastic industry specializing in the development and production of complicated technical injection molding for electrical appliances, computers, home appliances, telecommunication devices, pharmaceutical appliance, bathroom accessories, building plastic parts, toy and crafts,car parts ect.


 Here enclosed for you to know our company furtherly, show some equipments of our company:

1.      CNC   

2.      Slow/ Quick wire cut machine

3.      Punching machine  

4.      Rocker drilling

5.      Milling machine

6.      Grinding machine

7.      EDM

8.      Projector

9.      Injection molding machines




Place of Origin

shengzhen, China (Mainland)

Brand Name

Customized or Abery

Shaping Mode

Plastic Injection Mould

Product Material



all kinds of injection moulds

Product material


 injection molding machine  9sets 80-250T
















Q. Do you accept small order?

No business is small business.


Q. How to inspection?

Caliper; Micrometer; Coordinate Measuring Machine; Height gague; Visual Inspection; Profile Projector  


Q. What’s your inspection quality level?      

Level A/ Leve B/ Level C     


Q. How many days for the mold building ?

It depend on the plastic parts size. We can confirm to you at the begging of the order.


Q.How to inspection plastic injection mould quality ?

1.Mould material Q/C, include mould steel checking(Hardness, flaw checking), mould standard spare parts checking( hardness, size, flaw checking).               

2.Mould making process QC, include design checking( part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing). Each part of mould’s size checking after matching according to 2D drawing, mould testing ( check mould running condition)

3.Check with customer’s requirement again before mould shipping.


Q. How to maintenance your plastic mould ?

When the mould is vacant, spray the anti-rust oil, clean the gate and cooling system , no recycled material to be use.


Q. How we check the mold ?

We will send you the mold building process image every week or you can visit our factory yourself, also we can send you the mold testing video for reference.


Q. Which countries your injection mould tooling export?

USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, India etc.


Q. Do you have your own mold building workshop?

In house mold design and building capabilities.

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