Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining(1)

- Jan 30, 2018-

Processing principle           It is mainly used for processing a variety of complex shapes and small precision parts, such as mold punch, die. It is in the EDM perforation, forming the basis of the process developed. It not only makes the application of EDM has been developed, but also has replaced some aspects of EDM perforation, forming. WEDM EDM machine has accounted for most of the machine.

          Walking in the wire cut its working principle: around the wire in the wire on the conveyor tube in the direction of rotation of the wire barrel to a certain speed movement, mounted on the machine table by the workbench workpiece by the predetermined trajectory relative to the electrode wire to do Molding movement. Pulse power of a pole connected to the workpiece, the other pole connected wire. Between the workpiece and the electrode wire always maintain a certain discharge gap and spray the working fluid, the spark discharge between electrodes eclipse a certain gap, continuous pulse discharge to cut out the desired shape and size of the workpiece. Technology here pointed out that "in the wire" WEDM EDM wire cutting although the processing quality has improved significantly, but it still belongs to the high-speed wire WEDM range, cutting accuracy and finish still with Low-speed wire drawing machine there is a big gap, and precision and finish retention also needs to be further improved. "Medium-speed wire drawing machine" has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and less consumption, and therefore has its living space. The standard of execution is still the relevant standard of high-speed wire drawing machine, so manufacturers should pay attention to the publicity of users Must seek truth from facts.

Processing conditions 

            Walking in the wire cutting process can be normal operation, the technology that must meet the following conditions: 1. Molybdenum wire and the workpiece surface must be processed to maintain a certain gap between the width of the gap by the working voltage, processing capacity and other processing conditions may be. 2. WEDM machining, must have a certain insulating properties of the liquid medium, such as kerosene, saponified oil, deionized water, etc., require a higher insulation in order to facilitate the generation of pulsed spark discharge, liquid medium Also eliminate the gap between the galvanic products and cooling electrodes. Molybdenum wire and the workpiece surface to be processed to maintain a certain gap between, if the gap is too large, the voltage between the electrodes can not break the electrode medium, you can not produce spark discharge; if the gap is too small, it is easy to form a short circuit connection, it can not generate electricity Spark discharge. 3. Must adopt the pulse power, namely the spark discharge must be the pulse, intermittent, ti in Fig. 1 is the pulse width, to is the pulse interval, tp is the pulse period. During the pulse interval, the gap medium is ionized so that the next pulse can break down between the two poles.

composition       In the wire cutting machine components 1. Machine body: bed, wire frame, wire walking agencies, X-Y CNC table 2. Working fluid system 3. High-frequency power supply: Generate high-frequency rectangular pulse, pulse signal amplitude, pulse width can be adjusted according to different working conditions. 4. NC and servo system