Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining

- Jan 30, 2018-

           In the wire EDM wire cutting machine, through multiple cuts to reduce the material deformation and the loss of molybdenum wire caused by the error, so that the processing quality is also relatively improved, processing quality can be between high-speed wire and low-speed wire walking machine. In the wire, walking wire, fast wire refers to the WEDM. Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM). Medium-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (MS-WEDM), which belongs to the category of reciprocating high-speed wire-driven WEDM, is used to realize multiple cutting functions on high-speed reciprocating wire-driven WEDM. Known as "walking thread cutting."

           The so-called "walking in the wire" does not refer to wire speed between high speed and low speed, but the composite wire cutting machine, that is, the principle of wire walking in the roughing process using high-speed (8-12mm / s) wire, finishing When using low speed (1-3mm / s) take the wire, so the work is relatively stable, small jitter, and through multiple cuts to reduce material deformation and molybdenum wire loss caused by the error, the processing quality is relatively improved, processing quality can be between Between high-speed wire drawing machine and low-speed wire drawing machine. Therefore, it can be said that what the user refers to as "walking in the wire" actually refers to the processing technology of the low-speed wire drawing machine borrowed from the wire-drawing WEDM and realizes the non-streak cutting and the multiple cutting.

          Technology in practice, the first time in many cutting cutting task is mainly high-speed stable cutting, the choice of high peak current, longer pulse width of the standard high-current cutting, in order to obtain a higher cutting speed. The second task of cutting is intensive, to ensure the accuracy of processing size. Can choose medium standard, so that the second cut after the roughness Ra between 1.4 ~ 1.7μm. The third, fourth or more cuts (currently running the wire control software up to seven cuts) the job is to polish and polish the light, which can be smoothed with the minimum pulse width (currently 1μs minimum) , While the peak current with the processing of surface quality requirements vary, take the wire way as the second cut as low-speed wire feeding speed can be. Technology In the process of processing, multiple cutting also need to pay attention to deformation treatment, because the workpiece on-line cutting, with the original role of internal stress and spark discharge caused by thermal stress, will produce non-directional, irregular Deformation, so that the back of the knife to eat the amount of uneven thickness, affecting the processing quality and processing accuracy. Therefore, according to different materials to be reserved for different allowances, so that the workpiece fully released internal stress and complete torsional deformation in the back of multiple cuts can have enough margin for precision machining, so that the final size of the workpiece can be guaranteed.