Why Plastic Molds Use Hot Runners

- Apr 17, 2018-

        What are the advantages of using hot runners for molds? Why use a hot runner? What are the shortcomings? A. The quality of the multi-cavity plastic mold is different B. Relatively large deformation of thin-walled plastic products C. waste of runners D. It is very difficult to fill plastic molds         The emergence of hot runner technology provides a relatively complete solution to these problems. In general, the use of hot runners has the following advantages:        1. The pressure loss in the flow channel is small, plastic fluidity is good, and the temperature is even, the internal stress and deformation of the product will be reduced, and the surface quality and mechanical properties of the product will be greatly improved.       2. Shorten the molding cycle, open the mold stroke and improve the production efficiency;       3. Hot runners are automatically shut off the gate, can increase the degree of automation;       4. Reduce injection pressure, help to protect the mold, and extend the service life;       5. Multi-cavity plastic mold ensures uniform filling and uniform quality;      6. Elimination of all or most of the flow path waste, with high effective utilization

Hot Runner Defects        The cost of plastic molds is too high, which is not suitable for small plastic molds, and it also has very high requirements for plastic mold design. Sometimes it is not cost-effective.