Why is Nylon used so often?

- Oct 11, 2017-


      Nylon is often used in gears, bushings, and plastic bearings because of its inherent low-friction properties. Nylon is not the most slippery plastic available (typically we recommend acetyl if low friction is the only consideration), but it’s high performance in other mechanical/chemical/thermal properties make it a good choice for parts that could see a lot of wear.

       Nylon is also an incredibly useful plastic for applications that actually do require both a plastic material as well as a high melting temperature. It is also incredibly diverse. Nylon can be adapted to a wide variety of uses because of the many different variants in production and the adjustable material properties of these variants resulting from the different materials Nylon can be combined with.                    At Creative Mechanisms, we have used Nylon in a number of applications across a range of industries. A few examples include the following:

        Consumer products (e.g. toys). We worked on a scooter in the past that was eventually molded in glass-filled nylon.

       Furniture points of impact.

       3D printed models for high heat applications when ABS is not an option (although this is an option we typically use Nylon composite materials more for their strength and less for their temperature performance when 3D printing).

       gears for mechanism transmissions.