What does PP PPE PC stand for in Plastics

- Mar 30, 2018-

1. PP-polypropylene

Applications: auto parts, clasp, microwave ovens, pots, plastic buckets, thermos, woven bags and so on.

Characteristics: high chemical stability, good hygiene, high heat resistance. Microwave ovens can be selected with the word PP plastic products.

Toxicity: non-toxic, harmless to human body.

The polymer can have three three-dimensional structures: isotactic, syndiotactic, random polypropylene, the first two can crystallize, the latter can not. Marketable polypropylene products basically market isotactic structure, melting point 164--170 degrees Celsius, crystallization partial density of 0.935 g / cubic centimeter, Unclean part 0.851 g / cubic centimeter.

PP's biggest drawback is its easy oxidation and aging. Now it is overcome by adding antioxidant and UV absorbent.

2. PE-PE

Applications: plastic film, vest plastic bag, plastic food bag, bottle, bucket, kettle, etc.

Characteristic: PE is soft, has wax texture, is lighter than the same plastic, has a certain transparency, and the flame is blue when burning.

Toxicity: non-toxic, harmless to human body.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is sold on the market, with a density of 0.945 g / cubic centimeter and a melting point of 125 °C of 137 degrees Celsius;

Linear low density PELLDPEI, density 0.925 g / cm3, melting point 120,125C;

High pressure low density PEP-LDPEI, density 0.918 g / cm3, melting point 105 ℃.

3. PC-polycarbonate

Applications: cups, cutlery, kettle, baby bottle and cold water bottle, microwave oven container, sports equipment.

Characteristic: PC bottle transparent, resistant to certain high temperature and available corrosion solution washing, recyclable.

Toxicity: no odor, no poison, but with the tableware containing hot water and oil, will release phenolmethane, body absorption, will disrupt endocrine.

Bisphenol A polycarbonate. Melting point up to 270 degrees Celsius, density 1.2 g / cubic centimeter, soluble in dichloromethane, dichloroethane, chlorobenzene, etc., insoluble in water, alcohol, etc.