Thimble type

- Apr 27, 2018-

Thimble type

Standard models for lathes and grinder thimbles:

The standard for fixed thimble is GB/T9204.1-1988, the standard for rotary thimble is JB/T3580-1998

Needle and matching plastic mold design standards

1. Two ejector pins are used for thimble less than 3mm.

2. The top piece that is pushed out by the rod requires the rod to be set in the top piece of 8mm. The top block must have a guide sleeve, the guide sleeve must have a fixed

3. When the small top block cannot be fixed with screws, please design the pin to position

4. The R-angle of the top sheet must be designed

5. In the case where the mold can be ejected with either the topsheet or the ejector pin, the ejector pins are preferred.

6. The thimble's knife left 20-25mm.

7. The right and left clearance of the ejector plate is 0.5mm.

8. The ejector plate must have lower guide posts and rubbish nails.

9. The ejector plate reset should give priority to ejector fittings (except customer request spring)

10. Use a larger thimbles (stress and life) as far as possible.

11. As far as possible, the roof can be avoided by using inclined roof to automatically take off the product.

12. The core and cavity valve should be designed concentric (especially transparent products).

13. The die design carefully calculates the ejection distance to avoid causing the ejection stroke to be insufficient.

14. Unprepared products should carefully consider the ejection position and ejection method.

15. The mold ejected from the cylinder will place the cylinder on the ejector plate.

16. Disassemble the valve from bottom to top.

17. Push the tube core as far as possible not to screw, you must use the pressure plate to fix.

18. The thimble on the inclined surface and the thimble step are designed in a shape of a bar to avoid the inconvenience of the D-shape machining.

19. The board under the fixed screw of the inclined top slide is designed to be worn and disassembled conveniently

20. The position of the reset lever on the opposite side should be designed to insert the block. (Convenient processing, collision resistance)

The die eject hole design of 21.300mm or less is ¢45mm; the die design of more than 300mm is mm60mm (see the case of the big die).

More than 5,400 mm above the mold ejection hole.

23. D-shaped gas caps are used on gas slopes on slopes.

24. Inclined top and square small straight block 4 corner to R angle (reduce friction).

25. The stripper plate can be designed as a top ring type designed as a top ring type.