The type of gate of hot runner

- Mar 15, 2018-

       Dot gate is the most common way to enter the gel, it determines the quality of the injection molded product by several factors such as gate size, gate cooling, and tip temperature. It applies to almost all Known plastics, its plastic inlet will leave a small gate mark on the surface of the product, the size of which is determined by the size of the gate and due to different plastics.

        Sub gate is an open thermal nozzle, leaving a small section of the material handle on the surface of the injection molded part. It can provide a large gate size and achieve excellent pressure retention to reduce product stress. Applied to the gate marks is not high or shunt channel into the way.

        “Needle valve type”, for the needle valve type, the valve needle is controlled by mechanical pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, and the valve needle will close the gate at the end of the pressure keeping period, that is, when the product has not yet completely condensed, the feeding system has been closed. This also shortens the forming cycle. Needle valve type can be made without gate marks, leaving only a circle or even no marks on the surface of the product. This is the best solution for surface applications.