The structure of plastic injection molding (1)

- Dec 28, 2017-

       3, plasticizer can increase the plasticity and softness, reduce brittleness, easy processing of plastic molding. Plasticizers are generally miscible with the resin, non-toxic, odorless, light, heat-stable high-boiling organic compounds, the most commonly used phthalates. For example, when producing polyvinyl chloride plastic, soft polyvinyl chloride plastic can be obtained if more plasticizer is added. If no or less plasticizer is added (less than 10%), rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic .

      4, stabilizer In order to prevent the synthetic resin in the process of processing and use of light and heat decomposition and destruction, extend the service life, to be added to the plastic stabilizer. Commonly used stearate, epoxy resin and so on.         5, colorants Colorants can make plastic with a variety of bright, beautiful colors. Common organic dyes and inorganic pigments as colorants.        6, Lubricant The role of lubricant is to prevent the plastic in the molding does not stick to the metal mold, while plastic surface can be smooth and beautiful. Commonly used lubricants are stearic acid and its calcium and magnesium salts. In addition to the above additives, the plastic can also add flame retardants, foaming agents, antistatic agents.