the structure of Coordinate Measurement Machine

- Jan 30, 2018-

1, granite body: column and base are made of high-precision marble granite, the most stable design, the smallest mechanical error. 

2, high-precision work platform: Whether the X, Y linear accuracy or X, Y linear accuracy of the diagonal within our nominal accuracy. 

3, high-definition video: High-resolution CCD with high-definition lens to provide high-quality real-time images. 

4, high-precision autofocus function: with high repetitive measurement accuracy, do CNC programming height measurement, depth measurement and flatness measurement.

5, fast round tools: can automatically find the best margin to countless points automatically Mi Lian into the best circle and automatically remove burrs or stains, can reduce human error and improve the accuracy of repeated measurements. 

6, CCD lens measurement system: all using CCD lens measurement system to help you solve the problem of measuring products to find a very cumbersome operation, greatly improving the detection efficiency. Improve the programming speed and measurement efficiency for CNC measurement, so that intuitive, fast and efficient measurement results. 

7, the product measurement accuracy: measurement repeatability ≤ 0.005mm, (ie 5um), the standard parts of accuracy ≤ 0.003mm, (3um), height accuracy: ≤ 0.005mm.

8, Z axis compensation function and the combination of focusing function: When measuring the height (including the blind hole depth), our instrument will have the autofocus and Z-axis compensation (Z axis mechanical movements caused by the rise or fall of the error, The software will automatically calculate and compensate) to ensure that the accuracy can reach ≤ 0.005mm level. Autofocus function is through computer software to help you automatically adjust the screen to the clearest, to reduce the error of manual adjustment. 9, automatic multi-point capture line / circle / arc function: When measuring the product, we often have to take the product line, take round, arc and other mapping functions, automatic multi-point take the line, automatic multi-point round, automatic Multi-point arc and other functions of the development (for the current line catching / arc / circle the most accurate catching method), the software will be fan / cabinet box selected form, with a lot of points to automatically capture we want to measure Line / circle, quickly generate one of the most accurate circle / line / arc, improve your detection efficiency.

10, CNC automatic measurement: If the same product, to do multiple checks, as long as the first product is programmed and set coordinates, the second product put up, the instrument will automatically follow the first product Programming program, quickly help you finish measuring the second product, and at the same time output the report. 11, SPC data report and mapping output function: The measured data can be set according to their own company requirements, product tolerance values, when the instrument measures the size, the data will be displayed in the report area, failed to red, and can be exported In the EXCL form, cartography can also be imported into CAD for labeling or reverse engineering.