The main classification of milling machine

- Jan 30, 2018-

According to the layout and scope of application to be distinguished 

1. Lifting table milling machine: a universal, horizontal and vertical, etc., mainly for processing small and medium-sized parts, the most widely used.

2. Gantry milling machine: including gantry milling and boring machine, gantry milling machine and double column milling machine, are used to process large parts.

3. Single-column milling machine and single-arm milling machine: the former horizontal milling head can move along the column guide, the table for longitudinal feed; the latter vertical milling head can be along the horizontal guide rail cantilever, the cantilever can also adjust the height along the column guide. Both are used for machining large parts. 

4. Table does not lift milling machine: a rectangular table and round table-type two, is between the lifting table milling machine and gantry milling machine between a medium-sized milling machine. Its vertical movement by the milling head in the column to complete the lift. 

5. Instrument Milling Machine: A small lifting table milling machine, used to process instrumentation and other small parts.

6. Tools Milling machine: for mold and tool manufacturing, with milling head, universal angle table and plug and other accessories, but also for drilling, boring and cutting and other processing. 7. Other milling machines: such as the key slot milling machine, cam milling machine, crankshaft milling machine, roller mill and square square shaft milling machine, is to process the corresponding parts and create a special milling machine.

According to the structure points 

(1) Bench Milling Machine: Small milling machine for milling small parts such as instruments and meters. 

(2) Cantilever Milling Machine: Milling head milling machine mounted on the cantilever, bed horizontal arrangement, the cantilever generally along the bed side of the column for vertical movement of the guide rail, milling head along the cantilever rail movement. 

(3) ram type milling machine: spindle mounted on the ram milling machine. 

(4) gantry milling machine: bed horizontal arrangement, the columns and connecting beams on both sides constitute the door frame milling machine. Milling head installed in the beams and columns, along the rail can move. Normally the beam can move vertically along the column guide, and the table can be moved longitudinally along the bed guide for large-size machining. 

(5) Plane milling machine: Milling machine for milling planes and forming surfaces. 

(6) Copy milling machine: the workpiece milling for milling. Generally used to process complex shapes of the workpiece.

(7) Lifting Table Milling Machine: Milling machine with lifting table which can move vertically along the bed guide rail, the table and the saddle usually mounted on the lifting table can be longitudinally and transversely moved respectively. (8) Rocker milling machine: Rocker milling machine can also be called turret milling machine, rocker milling, universal milling machine turret milling machine is a light universal metal cutting machine, with vertical and horizontal milling two functions, milling, Small parts of the plane, bevel, grooves and splines. (9) bed type milling machine: table can not lift, along the bed rails for longitudinal, horizontal movement, milling head or column for vertical movement of the milling machine. (10) Special Milling Machine: eg Tool Milling Machine: Milling machine for milling tools and dies with high machining precision and complicated machining shape.