The Classification and characteristics of Injection molding machine

- Feb 27, 2018-

      Injection molding machine in accordance with the arrangement of injection devices and clamping devices can be divided into vertical, horizontal and vertical and horizontal composite. Their respective characteristics are as follows:(A) vertical injection molding machine features:1, the injection device and the clamping device are in the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened and closed along the up-down direction. Its area is only about half of the horizontal machine, so converted into an area of about two times the productivity. 2, easy to insert molding. Because the mold surface up, easy to insert into the positioning. The use of the next template fixed, the template on the movable models, pull the belt conveyor and the robot phase combination, then, can be fully automated insert molding. 3, the weight of the mold supported by the horizontal template for the upper and lower opening and closing action, does not occur similar to the horizontal machine caused by the mold before falling down, making the template can not open and close the phenomenon. Helps to maintain the accuracy of machinery and molds permanently. 4, through a simple robot can remove each plastic cavity, is conducive to precision molding.

5, the general clamping device is open around the open, easy to configure various types of automation devices, adapted to complex, sophisticated automatic product molding. 6, pull the belt conveyor device easy to achieve the middle of string installed over the mold, easy to achieve automatic molding production. 7, easy to ensure the mold resin flow and mold temperature distribution consistency. 8, equipped with rotary table, mobile table and inclined table and other forms, easy to achieve insert molding, in-mold combination molding. 9, small batch trial production, the mold structure is simple and low cost, and easy to uninstall. 10, has stood the test of many earthquakes, vertical machine due to low center of gravity, the relative horizontal machine better earthquake resistance.(B) horizontal injection molding machine features:1, that is, because the mainframe low fuselage, no height restrictions on the placement of the plant. 2, the product can automatically fall occasions, without the use of robots can be automatically formed. 3, due to the fuselage low, convenient feeding, easy maintenance. 4, the mold needs to be installed by crane. 5, arranged in parallel under more than one, molded products easily collected by the conveyor belt packaging.