Mold Flow Analysis

- Sep 27, 2017-

Mold Flow Analysis


Flow analysis (mold flow) supports this mold technology.
Flow analysis is needed especially at the times, such as a connector (2mm pitch of commas) of a small pitch.
In a mold design phase, since the simulation quite near the actual condition can be performed, it is especially used for large figure products, such as an instrument panel of a car.
We are applying this to a small product, and realized stabilization of quality, and shortening of a lead time.

Please the direction of a trouble consults with fineness and thinness right or wrong once.
We offer the product supported by such metallic mold technology and simulation technology.


Mold processing technology


The quality of a plastic fabrication product is greatly influenced by the quality of a mold.
Then, we deal with and offer the mold suitable for each customer's specification consistently from a design to manufacture with custom-made.

We consider just the mold to be the most important element for producing the plastic products of high quality, and have stepped up unstinted efforts on the new technology for the top quality mold design and manufacture since every day.
For example, full use of CAD/CAM technology is made about the design.
Efforts of our company which always investigates the top quality of a mold are supported from a customer to the opinion and encouragement in everyday life.

As for the high quality of the mold by a its company design, development, and manufacture, also in the point of a lead time,
We always aims at an improvement from the first.