Injection defects in Vertical injection Molding Machine

- Mar 30, 2018-

One, plastic.1.IlliquidityMaterial R & D Center of Vertical injection Molding Machine manufacturer will provide professional advice according to specific design: under the principle of no spillage, choose the most easily flowing plastic, and realize the best injection molding process plan.2.Improper use of molding lubricant.Product type, flow marks did not occur.Increase lubricant content, and this machine vertical injection molding machine manufacturer material research and development center after agreement.Second, mould1.Mold temperature is too lowIf the mold temperature is too low, the material temperature will drop too fast, the ejection pressure and the holding pressure will not be enough to compress the condensed epidermis on the mold surface, leaving the shrinkage mark of the melt glue in the flow direction.Raise mold temperature of vertical injection molding machine, keep high material temperature, press and keep pressure to press condensate layer on die surface until product is finalized, flow mark is not produced.Mold temperature can be set from the mechanical vertical injection molding machine product development center recommendations.The increment of each adjustment can be 6 ℃, the ejection is 10 times, after the molding condition is stable, according to the result, decide whether to adjust further.2.The sprue, runner or gate is too small.Ejection pressure and pressure retention are not enough to compress the condensed epidermis on the die surface, leaving a condensation mark in the flow direction.3.The exhaust of vertical injection molding machine is not good enough to exhaust, which will hinder the filling of melt glue, and the surface of condensed skin can not be pressed on the die surface by the wave front of melt glue, leaving the shrinkage mark of melt glue in the flow direction.Consider exhaust at the end of each section to avoid gas entering the cavity.Cavity exhaust should not be ignored.This mechanical vertical injection molding machine product research and development center recommended that the best use of all-circumference exhaust.