How to increase the life of injection mold?

- Sep 08, 2017-

How to increase the life of injection mold?

        Injection molding processors have recognized that excessive wear is caused by unpredictable stress, so they start using a variety of designs to solve the problem. One of the most common approaches is to use cost-effective precision mold clamping technology, such as the use of high-cost linear linkage device, the principle is to increase the complexity of the mold adjustment, this adjustment makes the mold parts even though the force will not Move. Based on the cost of this device, the injection molding machine also attempts to use other methods to prevent the movement of parts within the mold.

 Minimize the solution to wear

    In fact, the best way to solve the stress caused by exercise is very simple. If the component A is under the pressure of the component B so that both components are under pressure, then removing the pressure also solves the problem. The removal of stress can be accomplished in a revolutionary way, that is, by means of a combination design that allows the part to be moved within the mold.

     It is certain that if part A is moved by pressure, it allows component B to move with A at the same time. Because the two parts move at the same time, the stress can be reduced or eliminated, and the wear is rapidly reduced. This design relies on a particular design concept, the concept of suspension.

      The concept of allowing parts to move or suspend is completely deviated from the traditional concept of moldmakers. This is a concept that has nothing to do with experience and tradition. The industry has come to realize that a rotatable mold type is most effective for reducing wear (for example, a mold designed for articles with internal threads). Today, those who have adopted this concept and apply it to the mold design of the injection molding machine, is to create a very successful mold, in order to greatly save the cost of mold maintenance.( )